Intel’s new series of chipset (Bearlake: now series "3") and PCIe 2.0 at CeBIT 2007

18 March 2007 By Shashank

The products you are dying to watch . .They are all here at CeBIT 2007.From DDR3 RAM modules to DirectX 10 graphics card .. from Brain control interface to Dual GPU based Graphics card.

Intel is showing of its next generation of chipsets named as “3” series which will be serving for the upcoming 45- nanometer processors.Intel has also confirmed that some
of the graphics-enabled Series-3 chipsets will be
compatible with Direct3D-10(DX10).

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Intel has announced chipset variants G31, G33, G35,
Q33, Q35, P35 and X38, the first five of which each
contain graphics processors. G33, P35 and Q33 can a
lready be seen on a number of mainboards at CeBIT
and are expected to hit the market at the end of May.

Every Motherboard manufacturer is showing their
Intel Bearlake(officially “3 series”now) chipsets
based motherboards however intel has not yet off-
icially released these successors of the 965/975

The most advanced chip set is the X38 for high-end
PCs and single-socket workstations.

X38 boards are expected to be supplied with DDR3
sockets even though Intel has made it clear that
prices for DDR3-DIMM can be expected to be much
higher this year than for DDR2-DIMM. DDR3 memory
offers much higher clock frequencies.

The X38 will also include PCI Express 2.0 as two
PCIe x16 slots for (PEG) graphics cards…yes the
successor to the PCI express is here PCIe 2.0.
Also for your information:
First 3.5 ” – drive assembly with 1 TByte capacity of Hitachi
is there at display..

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