Intel’s new memory technology PCM (Phase change memory).

11 March 2007 By Shashank

Intel’s plans to launch the new memory technology by the end of the year 2007. The new technology developed by intel to be named as PCM (Phase change memory) or PRAM.

This memory is going to be the next replacement of flash based memory,it has high Read/Write cycles can be made much smaller than flash based memories…and has a much more life than its flash counter parts.

Intel’s claims that it is superior to many of the memory technol-
ogies today as it combines the best attributes of RAM, NOR and
NAND.It will come under the category of Hybrid RAM’s.

Main features of this upcoming memory technology:

* Uses 90 nanometer technology.
* 100 million write cycles.
* data storage and retention abilities of greater than 10 years

Recent research:IBM demonstrated the prototype of the
Phase change memory which is 500 times faster than the
flash based memory.

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