India’s INSAT-4B launched succesfully .

10 March 2007 By Shashank

INSAT-4B the second in series of
INSAT satellites after INSAT-4A
(image left) launched succesfully
with the help of Arianespace.

European Ariane 5 rocket from
the spaceport of Kourou in French

Engineers halted the launch with
just seven minutes to go..because
there was in problem in launchpad.

India’s indigeneously communication satellite, built by the
ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore is ready and the countdo-
wn has started today and the launch will likely to take place
anytimebetween 3.55 a.m. and 4.28 a.m. on Sunday(11 Mar).

INSAT-4B the second in the series after the INSAT-4(above) will
be launced with the help of Ariane-5 vehicle of Arianespace
from Kourou, French Guyana .

The 3,025 kg INSAT-4B is carrying 12 high power Ku-band
(11-14 GHz) transponders and 12 C-band (4-6 GHz) transp-
onders which will help in providing DTH(Direct to home) tel-
evision se
rvices in India.

The satellite has 24 high-power communication transponders.
Kourou in French Guyana.The satellite, which weighs 3,025 k-
g, will last 12 years.
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Main Points of Attracion :

  • It will last around 12 years.
  • Built indigeneouly by INDIA.
  • Launch cost is estimated to be Rs.2.25 billion.
  • Insurance Rs.600 million.
  • Its solar panels of the 50-ft satellite can generate about 5,800 watt.
  • Lithium ion batteries of 100 ampere-hour (Ah) capacity (in case of eclipses).
  • 31st launch of Ariane-5

History in brief:

  • Indian National Satellite (Insat) system has revolutionised the communications
  • industry.
  • Eighteen INSATs have been launched so far, beginning with INSAT-1A from the U.S. on April 10, 1982.
  • INSAT-4A, was launched by an Ariane vehicle from Kourou on December 22, 2005.
  • Three INSATs — Kalpana, GSAT-2 and Edusat — were launched from Sriharikota using ISRO-built rockets.

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