Google mobile phone codenamed Switch .

5 March 2007 By Shashank

Google’s SWITCH.

Now this is something google type ..
Google is Googling around everywhere..from office
to softdrinks(GULP) rumour..and now Cellphone market.

Google and Samsung announced a partnership in January to bundle mobile
versions of Google Search, Google Maps and Gmail on certain Samsung phones.

Google and Samsung are rumored to be building the phone, codenamed “Switch”.
The cellphone will be of Blackberry type..

According to rumours or whatever you say the phone’s contact program is said to be an extended version of Gtalk combining Gmail, text and instant messaging.
Also the device doesn’t have any on-board storage,because everthing will be
available on the network.

Source : here

Update : Google says it is working on software and not hardware.

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Neelakantan says:

*Sigh* Google mobiles!! 🙁

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