Google adds colour to personalized Home Pages

22 March 2007 By Shashank

Soon you will be able to add colours to the personalized home pages ..which are till now
white and dull .Google is offering 6 themes initially for GPH (Google personalized home), these themes will occupy the top of the page as given in the screenshot.
(Click on Read more to expand)

The themes are also dynamic and change according to local weather and time of day.

Google GPH is around 2 years old now and you can customize the GPH with a lot of gadgets and cool news aggregators and a lot of useful features.

By this time the themes are not yet available lets see when these themes becomes available..

Update :Google themes are available now in the GPH panel

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Shankar Ganesh says:

Yeah, the themes are really cool and neat. Shashank, I have a suggestion for your blog: please quit using this template for your blog. It’s so messy. I think you should try out Minima or some other things. Or get some from

shashank says:

i ll be revamping the theme soon..
i ve planed to add one more coloumn at right ..and a change of header ..

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