E.A’s Army Of Two: That’s Cooperative Gaming

23 March 2007 By Shashank

E.A games is working on its next-generation FPS game which supports cooperative gameplay. The trailer(below) itself is funny , now you can play with your friends ,if you dont have a partner then it supports revolutionary P.A.I(Partner Artificial Intelligence)
that will allow cooperative tactics.This is the first release of the E.A’s new studio at Montreal.

The thing Co-operative gameplay sounds interesting . E.A this time has come up with a real good game which is worth playing for ….till now you are playing the FPS games in which you are the only person playing the game …now you have got a partner.

In the game you can hit your partner teasing him .. you can help him in gameplay strategy…but i think when the game will be released the players will fight,tease among themselves rather than completing their mission.Also you can Drink at times in the game, thats creative.I have also heard that you will also be able to pee in game.

You play as Tyson and Elliott, the two “contractors”. The game will feature a unique weapon upgrading system where just about any part of any gun can be combined.

This game will be redefining the gameplay of FPS game..and is worth watching out for. The only thing i dont like is that the game ARMY OF TWO will be releasing only for the Playstation3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 video game entertainment system.

Watch the Youtube trailer below and enjoy the cooperative gameplay..

YouTube Preview Image

No info about the release date.

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