Bibliochaise: Chair specially designed for Book lovers

31 March 2007 By Shashank

chair for book lovers

If you are type of person who loves to read a lot of books and has a lot of lying in your room and are lazy enough to get to the book then this Bibliochaise sounds to be a great idea , its a specially designed chair for people who are in love with books.The colours of the wood and and the cushion are configurable and you can choose the best that match your taste of the living room with cushion has six different colours to choose from.The Home model measures 40,16 x 33,46 x 28,94 inches, and has 16,40 feet of space to store your books near you .

For more info about the Bibliochaise chair visit
and check out the products section.

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Ervin Sam says:

woah! no need to stand up and go to a shelf anymore… the hell! it’s cool! although.. it doesn’t seem to be that comfortable to sit on.

AmyMeacham says:

Cool! How much is it?

saurav says:

Bibliochaise is the first ever of its kind. Really a boon for book freaks. Even i do come in that same category. The information through this posts about Bibliochaise is really valuable. I wonder if i could find this product in the market.

Alicia J says:

I have gone to the website nobodyandco. First of I can not read italian, and my grandmother is not I absolutly need this chair and can not figure out how to get one, can anybody help?

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