World’s fastest memory chip..GDDR4

26 February 2007 By Shashank


(Graphics Double Data Rate 4 th Generation chip).

Samsung Electronics South Korean’s top IT company has invented a new revolutionary Graphics processing chip which has world’s fastest speed in processing image and video . The chip is named as GDDR4 Graphics DRAM.

Using 80-nanometer production technology, the 4Gb/s (2.0GHz) is 66 percent faster than today’s fastest commercially available memory ? a 2.4Gb/s GDDR4. The new 4Gb/s graphics memory, offered in a 512Mb density, has a 32-bit data bus configuration.

Manufacturers of graphics processing units (GPUs) and video cards have shown high interest in the new memory technology, and they are ready to make a sample.

This invention will lead out a new class of video cards in the near future also expect a wide range of Graphics card that can cope with the demand of future games.

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saurav says:

4GB/s at the speed of 2.0 Ghz, awesome!! This superfast memory chip if available at a reasonable price in the market will definitely revolutionize the personal computer frame all across thw world. great info

zoe says:

When do you think these new class of video cards will be released?

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