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2 February 2007 By Shashank

Hi its Shashank i am a 22 years old guy currently pursuing my electronics engg. (Final Year) my hobbies include surfing, forumming, reading, web designing, watching latest Hollywood flicks and the other geeky stuff. This is my window of understanding the tech world. You will mostly find tech stuff here, as i m a hardcore technology lover, you might also find something related to electronics as it is my subject .

PRESENT scenario
Nowadays convergence is at its full swing and things getting smaller, better, prettier and and yet powerful…with prices dropping down every second day, buying any new computer accessories,devices ..could be risky because you never know when prices would fall leaving you quetching on yourself. so better have a understanding of this broad technology field that will help u in decision making.

At Techlivez.com i will posting about the latest technology news,updates,new innovations in technology ,what is going to be the future of technology and some cool tips and tricks…and a lot more that would definitely help you in understanding technology better.

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