Intel’s Masterpiece..80 cores proccesor.

13 February 2007 By Shashank

Intel’s new Teraflop chip.

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Intel’s new chip capable of 1 trillion floating-point operations per second,
known as a teraflop..which is equivalent to sandia’s ASCI Red supercomputer
which has 10,000 processors and needed 104 cabinets
and more than 2,500 square in size..

but this massive processing power in a chip is yet to fully developed as
intel is yet to find way to interface it with memory..
also it will need around 5 more years to make general processing cores
out of this research. And do you remember the Moore’s law..

Key points:

  • 1 teraflops processing power.
  • 65 nm fabrication technique.
  • 80 processing cores.
  • uses VLIW (very long instruction word) architecture.
  • 100 million transistors on the chip.

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